Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3M LED5000 Task Lamp: Sleek, Stylish and Saves your Eyes!

3M's newest task lamp - the 3M LED5000

Over the last year or so, I suddenly discovered that I have developed Presbyopia. In short, due to aging, I now need reading glasses to correct my 'long-sightedness'.

I’ve never had to wear spectacles all my life. This, like many other good habits, I owe it to my strict mother who insists that we adopt good eye care practices. So imagine my dismay when I discovered that I now need to wear spectacles to read even the product labels on supermarket shelves or to complete a proper text message without making embarrassing spelling errors. What an inconvenience!

The truth is that while Presbyopia comes with age and can’t be avoided, Myopia (or shortsightedness), can. Sadly, Singapore is infamous for having one of the world’s highest number of myopia sufferers - a whopping 80% of the population to be exact.

Minimalistic and sleek task lamp for any home use...

Even sadder still is that some of these Myopia sufferers are children who have to bear with the inconvenience of wearing spectacles daily (practically for their entire lives) whereas parents have to bear the costs of regular eye checkups and replacement of spectacles and lens as they grow.

Myopia can be prevented if good eye care habits are practiced. These include:

1) ensuring there is sufficient lighting in the room where you read, write or type.
2) selecting books that have non-reflective pages with large printed letters.
3) maintaining a 30-40cm distance between your eyes and the book and minimum 2m from the TV.
4) taking your eyes off the book or the screen every 30mins or 1 hour to give your eyes sufficient rest.
5) utilizing a good task lamp in addition to indoor lighting to distribute the light evenly which may otherwise cause physiological effects like eye strains, dizziness and headaches.

Use it to complement ambient ceiling light to provide adequate lighting for kids...

The 3M LED 5000 is a LED task lamp that combines the latest LED technology with 3M’s proprietary Polarizing Light Filter. It is sleek, lightweight and stylish with a coloured textured wood finish. The LED technology has proven to be long lasting (40,000 hours on average use, that’s about 20 years life span!), emits very little heat and virtually flicker-free (reducing eye tiredness).  Combined with 3M’s Polarizing Filter technology, the 3M LED 5000 cuts glare by 80% as it converts harmful rays into optimal lighting source. 

Source: 3M

The 3M LED 5000 has 5 levels of light intensity (ranging from 90 lux to 880 lux luminance) for users to select according to their preferences and tasks (see chart below for the minimum lighting levels).  The varying degree of light emission in the 3M LED 5000 allows users the flexibility to select the most optimum lighting level when engaging in different activities or functioning in different environments - a feature not commonly found in other desk lights.

Source: 3M
The 3M LED5000 effectively reduces glare and gives virtually flicker-free light..

The sleek, minimalist design allows the lamp to blend in and sit handsomely next to any contemporary furnishing in our space-starved homes. It is also lightweight with touch-sensor controls safe even for young children to operate.

Portable enough to be used anywhere: from study desk to dining table to the piano...
On or off...the LED 5000 is an eye turner with it's sleek design.

Our eyes are an integral part of us. Without proper eye care, our family members might inadvertently face the prospects of protracted costs (and inconveniences) of having to contend with worsening eyesight and reliance on spectacles/contact lenses.  For that reason alone, a good task lamp is a worthwhile investment for every home. 

The 3M LED5000 is now available at all Best Denki and Popular Bookstores at SGD$239. Check out the 3M Polarising Light FB page for more information on roadshows where you enjoy 15% off the entire 3M LED Task Light range and win FREE Spin & Win 3M premiums with every purchase.

Black or White, it gives good light.

Disclaimer: We received a 3M LED5000 for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All photos and opinions are, as usual, ours unless otherwise stated.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kaleidoscope of Colours at The Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Asia's biggest flower and garden show, Singapore Garden Festival (新加坡花园节) is back this year, bigger and better, presenting a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, creativity and floral beauty to our tiny island. Held for the 1st time on the sprawling grounds of Gardens by the Bay, visitors can adore Asia's finest orchids, spend a relaxing day in the beautifully primed gardens lined with amazing floral installations, shop for your gardening needs and attend horticultural talks and other hands-on activities.

Singapore Garden Festival, held at GBTB for the 1st time!
Glorious morning sight...

With over 2 hectares (about 4 football fields) of award-winning flower designers from all over the world showcasing their impressive landscape creations and a vibrant marketplace, the Singapore Garden Festival, presented in the following 7 zones, is family event not-to-be-missed:  

1. Landscape and Fantasy Gardens - Spectacular 'Best of Show' creations by local and top award-winning designers from renowned garden shows around the world.

British landscape artist, Andy Sturgeon’s Full Circle installation...

2. Floral Windows to the World - An enchanting display of flowers, creatively and delicately designed by celebrated local and international floral designers.

 Budding nature photographer...
Whimsical trees dressed in colourful tights, reminds me of the Truffulas in Dr. Seuss' The Lorax!

3. Balcony Gardens - Colourful displays that gives visitors inspirations to transform their own balconies into a soothing personal retreat.

4. Miniature Gardens - Create something you might not have the space or time to do in your own backyard and make garden fantasies come to life.

 Daddy's hand-held macro shots...
My fav shades of white and green...
Juvenile blossom...

5. Orchid Extravaganza - Step inside the Flower Dome and you're in orchids heaven with 18,000 orchid plants all under one roof. The Orchid Kaleidoscope showcases a variety of orchids on a 10m tall structure — the largest ever built within the Dome.

Orchids in all shapes, sizes and colours!
 Stunning displays...
 These made me smile...
An award-winning breed, how exquisite!

6. Garden Fiesta  - Amazing performances, culinary art, floral arrangement demonstrations and fun activities for kids, check out the SGF2014 programme for timings.

7. Vibrant Marketplace - Shopping under one roof at the Gardens - a multitude of plants and gardening related products are on sale here. We scored a beautiful blue pea plant for S$6.50!

Our early Saturday outing to the Singapore Garden Festival left us so in awe of God's marvellous creations. We only wish we had more time so we can finish touring all the exhibits.  If you're a nature lover (like us), don't miss it!

 Phalaenopsis heaven!
Step into the 10m-tall Orchid Kaleidoscope!
In the magical garden...


Entrance at The Meadows

Where: The Meadows in Gardens by the Bay

When: 16 to 24 August 2014, 10am to 10pm


Entry to the Singapore Garden Festival includes entry into the Flower Dome.

Time needed: Be prepared to spend minimum 4 hours to explore the festival at a leisurely pace. We were there from 8.30am to 1.30pm and only managed to cover half of the exhibits.  Visit on a weekday or in the evenings to avoid the crowds. 


GBTB - an oasis in our garden city

Take the exit A from Marina Bay MRT station then the bus 400. Alight at the 4th stop.

Take the exit B from Bayfront MRT station and follow the underground link that will lead you to Dragonfly Bridge directly in the Gardens.

If you walk from Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, cross the Lions Bridge on level 4 which will lead you to Dragonfly Bridge into the Gardens.

Info: Go to www.singaporegardenfestival.com

Map of the SGF 2014


Bring your camera when you visit Singapore Garden Festival 2014. Submit your photos taken with the theme “Colours” by 7 September and you could win attractive prizes from Canon! 

Submit your entries via the SGF Facebook here. Results will be out in end September.  Have fun!

For more details, click here

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Baby Gift - Personalized Branded Baby Gifts

Naming a baby is one of the most important decisions a new parent makes as it is believed that a child's name contributes to success in life. A baby name has to last a lifetime, so it's important to get a perfect fit. For us, we spent hours looking up baby names books and websites to check the origins and meanings behind the  shortlisted names. Some of our friends consult parents, grandparents and or geomancy masters. All these are done in the hope that the name will bring blessings and favor to the newborn. 

Considering so much thought have been put into the naming, it is no wonder that one of the favourite gifts we can bestow to the family is one that is personalised with the baby's name.

Stylish, elegant gifts in a box

Imagine our delight to receive a baby welcome hamper for Alexander by 'MyBabyGift' - a Singapore-based luxurious baby gift boutique offering Personalized Premium Baby Hampers for babies and Mummies.

'MyBabyGift' was born to fill the demand for more thoughtful and stylish baby gifts besides the usual congratulatory flower arrangements and run-of-the-mill 'diaper cakes'.  Their hampers, contemporary yet practical, are stocked with premium international brands like anen+anais, Gaia, Mothercare, Sophie the giraffe, Jellycat, Petit Beteau which Moms (and Dads) would willingly splurge on their own babies.  

Shop for Baby Gifts online at MyBabyGift!

The most distinctive feature of 'MyBabyGift' is the free personalisation service where the baby's name can be embroidered on selected products (like bibs, bodysuits, pillows, receiving blankets, hooded towels etc.) at no additional charge! This gives the family a precious keepsake to remember for a long time.

Baby AJ's 1st personalised hamper...
Love the embroidery!

'MyBabyGift' provides customers the option of customising the hampers for your desired recipients according to your budget and preference. After your selection has been made, the staff will match the colours, wrap everything beautifully and deliver your gift with a special greeting card attached. 

Create Your Own Hamper

Besides baby hampers, 'MyBabyGift' carries natural organic body products for Mummies, making it a one-stop online shopping haven for baby welcome gifts.  It also offers the value-added service of free delivery across Asia, so if you’re looking to send a special baby hamper to someone on this side of the world, look no further!

Alexander - Defender of Man...


All PrincessDanaDiaries readers enjoy a SGD10 off all hampers on MyBabyGift's online store with the coupon code "DANA" (Already active!).  Happy shopping and enjoy the weekend!

Disclaimer: We received a baby hamper for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All photos and opinions are, as usual, ours.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cavalia in Singapore: Simply Spellbinding!

It’s been a hectic work week - long and exhausting and I've mothering duties awaiting me but yet, I just had to draft this post. Tight deadline? No. Well, simply put, we're spellbound.

 Cavalia's 1st Asian Tour - Singapore!

We've watched our lion’s share of world-class performances ranging from local productions to West End and Broadway musicals - all critically acclaimed and excellent in their own rights (some even award-winning).  Yet, I’ve never seen anything quite like ‘Cavalia’. This is truly a show like no other. Hailing from the same creative origins as Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia (the world’s biggest touring show in its 10th anniversary), marries precision equestrian acts with dazzling acrobatic stunts. Some reviews generalized it as Cirque with Horses but it's more.

Be prepared to be mesmerized right from the get-go. Not from any loud thumping music, fanciful pyrotechnics or melodramatic acting. No, none of those. The magic comes from the subtle interactions of the performers and the "cast" of 50 horses – all fine bred, handsome stallions, with flowing well-groomed mane which will make any shampoo model green with envy. This, as well as the well-choreographed stunts and acrobatic displays that left us gasping. There is also a 5-member live band delivering rhythmic Arabic and Mddle-Eastern grooves that lend that exotic flavor and suspense to the show.

Picture Credit: ST Photo

Cavalia's tour in Singapore also includes their trademark 150-feet stage filled with 2,500 tons of sand, designed to allow the horses free reign to run full speed across and back. On this note, it is such a rarity in most urban countries, let alone Singapore – to see a herd of horses galloping (I can’t imagine typing this word!) freely.  Immensely majestic and liberating! Audience will also be enthralled by the high-definition 60 meter-wide screen that serves as the backdrop where special effects are projected across the wrap-around cyclorama. We are amazed to discover that Cavalia uses a total of 20 projectors as powerful as those illuminating the grandest movie theaters to allow the audience to be immersed into dream-like environments: from the Appalachian Alps to tropical forest; from surreal ancient cavernous caves to mystical galaxies, surpassing the visual enjoyment offered even by 3D Imax films.

The final act (spoiler alert!) with the long-haired, chiseled riders in their long flowing robes riding across lush green plains and traversing the magical lake (filled magically right before our eyes with 120,000 liters of water on stage!) transported us to the ethereal Tolkien world of Legolas, the Elf. Then there’s the special bond between animal and man. There are just a few creatures that share that close relationship with mankind. Dogs, cats (actually, the jury is still out on this one) and certainly horses. At Cavalia, we get to see the intimate bond of trainers, riders and their horses which respond to their master’s subtle commands and gestures in synchrony. It was special.

There's something magical about a big white top (tent) which conjure up that sense of wonderment and child-likeness in each of us. The ones erected for Cavalia, right next to Marina Bay Sands against our beautiful skyline peaks at 35 meters, and is equivalent to a 10-storey building! Throughout the 2.5 hour show, the audience was spellbound act after act, by the the graceful aerialists, the exhilarating trick riding and dare-devil acrobatic stunts.  Our 6 year-old Dana stood throughout the performance, totally enthralled and captivated, with eyes wide opened. I’m glad we could share this unique experience as a family, it will be something we will remember for some time to come. The audience gave a rousing standing ovation at the curtain call, in reciprocity to THE MOST spectacular performance we've ever seen this part of the world.

Fresh from their run in Brussels (Belgium) and en route to Seoul, Korea,  this is Cavalia's first Asian stop.  The Singapore tour starts 12 August and will end on 14 September 2014. Cavalia is a spellbinding, never-before-seen theatrical experience (the photos do it little justice). The greatest cost of the show…is missing it.

Cavalia's Big White Top at MBS!

Tips to Survive Cavalia:

1) Getting there

Commuting: You can take an MRT from anywhere in Singapore to Bayfront station. From there, follow directions to MBS (Marina Bay Sands) and walk towards Car Park South.

Driving:  Drive towards MBS. You won’t miss the Big White Top. Once there, you can either park at the open air Wilson carpark next to the tents or in MBS thorugh Carpark South.

2) Admission Entrance: The entrance to the Big White Top directly faces the stunning city skyline, across the waterfront facing Clifford Pier.

3) Food and Snacks: This is a 2.5 hour long performance with a 30 minute intermission. There are no warm meals served in the Big Top (except popcorn and hotdogs) but take a one-minute walk to MBS and you’ll find some relatively inexpensive local fare there (we had a quick dinner at the Nanyang Cafe in MBS at Basement 1). No food or drinks are allowed inside, beginning from the lobby area.

4) Toilet Facilities: If theirs is full, take a short walk to use the ones at MBS (like we did).

5) Photography: No photography, video recording and audio recording during the performance.

CAVALIA : A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse

Show Dates: 12 August 2014 to 14 September 2014

Show Times:
Tuesdays to Fridays: 7.30pm
Saturdays: 2pm & 7.30pm
Sundays: 12pm & 5.30pm

Venue: Under the White Theatre Tent, Bayfront Ave (next to Marina Bay Sands)

Ticket Sales, Discounts and Packages: Sistic

'LIKE' Base Entertainment's FB and Cavalia SG for more photos, highlights and updates!

Turn up your volume for the trailer!

Cavalia - a spectacular show not to be missed!

You can also read the reviews of Cavalia from our favourite parent blogger friends:

Disclaimer: We received media invites to the Asian Premier of Cavalia, thanks to Base Entertainment and Marina Bay Singapore. All opinions are ours.