Thursday, July 10, 2014

More than meets the Eye: Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Tucked away in a corner in Sentosa is Singapore’s latest family attraction - the original 3D Art Museum that would bring you to places where you wouldn’t normally go, to experience things you would normally wouldn't even dream of.

Overcoming a mammoth obstacle...

We first experienced the Trick Eye Museum on our South Korea tour a few years back. I remember it fondly for changing my perception of the visit – literally and metaphorically. Before that trip, I thought it would be mere child’s play. I tagged along half wishing I was somewhere else. I was glad the visit turned out to be fun and a memorable experience.

Ticket Office

Before I elaborate further, let me get you THERE first because the location can be a bit…illusive (pardon the pun). Because the map on the brochure may be a teeny weeny bit small (or maybe it’s my age) and asking passer-by may just lead you nowhere (after all, it's so new).

Here’s my Tip #1: Whether you’re driving or commuting, head towards the ‘Universal Studio Globe’ once you arrived at RWS Sentosa. Look for the entrance to ‘Malaysian Food Street’. Enter and walk right through to back end of the Food Street. When you exit, look to your right and the museum's right there! If you miss the little red-framed ticketing booth, the queue around it would sure catch your eye.

Tip #2: It's advisable to get there early as they control the number of patrons entering the museum to allow all visitors a fair chance at the exhibits. On the day of our visit, there was already a 90-minute queue waiting to get in at 2pm. If you hate crowds, plan your visit on a weekday.

Once inside the Trick Eye Museum, be prepared to spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours exploring the 80 different optical illusions. The exhibits, like the ones in South Korea, require you to play-pretend all sorts of poses to get that realistic shot. There are markers strategically positioned to help ensure your shot looks like you’re skydiving, or escaping a fearsome Piranha. In my case, I even fulfilled one of my dreams to be in the Olympics (scroll down to see photo proof).

  I'm skydiving!
 Something's fishy down there Daddy!
Fulfilling my Olympic dreams as a synchronized swimmer!
Wait till I tell Mommy...

Tip #3: Go armed with a tripod (or selfie rod) if you want get decent shots because it can be quite challenging, making these poses, with what seems like thousands of eyes staring as they wait their turns. You‘d have to make every shot a fast one and make it count.

I must say this outpost offers nothing less than the original South Korean version.  The Princess and I enjoyed our spontaneous Youth Day outing to the Trick Eye Museum.  What’s really special is that you get to relive the whole experience again each time you view the photos back home! Now, I'm doubly convinced that illusion can be real fun!

 She has always wanted to be 'a-head'...
By golly, I shrunk my Daddy!
SSSssssss-save us!!!

Waterfront @ Resorts World Singapore

Operation Hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm
(Last Admission at 8pm).

Ticket Pricing
Adult: S$25; Senior Citizen (60 & abv): S$20
Child (4 - 12 yrs): S$20

Special Giveaway!

Trick Eye Museum Singapore is generously sponsoring 3 pairs of admission tickets (1 pair each) for 3 lucky PrincessDanaDiaries readers! Simply follow the steps here:

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This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore and ends midnight of Sunday 20 July 2014. The lucky winners will be notified by email. All the best!


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