Friday, January 17, 2014

The 30 Minute Cookin Revolution

In a time-strapped, food-loving society like Singapore, we have a plethora of F&B establishments dotting every inch of our island.  With so many options (and new ones sprouting like mushrooms daily), it's not uncommon to find families dining out, simply because whipping up a home cooked meal is too tedious and time-consuming, especially after a long working day. Nothing wrong with that, except that eating out often can be heavy on the pockets (with a simple meal easily setting us back by S$60-100 for a family of four). The health-conscious among us would also advocate homecooked meals being the healthier diet for the family.

Even the most dedicated home cooks will sometimes face a dearth of new menu ideas. Pouring over cook books provides tons of inspirations but it remains at that - nothing beats seeing a chef demonstates the recipes 'live' in action.  With the launch of Rollyeyes' 30 Minute Cookin' campaign, a new cooking revolution is sweeping through Singapore.

30 Minute Cookin opens up a world of possibilities for the busy Singapore cooks. It features recipes (and videos) by six local celebrity chefs who understand the challenges of everyday home cooking and have banded together with a mission to show Singapore families how incredibly easy and quick it is to cook a meal in just 30 minutes.

Chefs worldwide seem to have this fascination with the '30 minutes' time frame. Rachel Ray has her '30 Minute Meals' series on The Food Network; Jamie Oliver has published a cookbook entitled '30 Minutes-Meals' and it is now befitting that Singapore has a '30 Minute Cookin' website to call our own.

What can we find on '30 Minute Cookin' Website:

Online cooking videos at your fingertips!

1. Online Cooking Videos which provide clear and concise step-by-step tutorials on how the meals are prepared and cooked, all within 30 minutes!. This is helpful for visual learners, new home cooks or even domestic helps!

2. Recipes of Quick and Easy Gourmet Meals.

3. Expert Chef Kitchen Tips to make life easier for everyone!

We were invited to the launch of '30 Minute Cookin' on 4 January 2014 and and met celebrity chef Eric Teo (President of the Singapore Chef’s Association) who inspired us with his down-to-earth, friendly, earnest demeanor.  He demonstrated three dishes from the website which convinced us that it is indeed possible to whip up a gourmet-tasting meal in our homes. 

An honour to meet Chef Eric in person...

Here are some things that impressed us about the '30 Minute Cookin' Food Revolution:

1. Common everyday ingredients are used in the recipes. No fanciful black truffles or expensive foie-gras needed to make great tasting home-gourmet meals.  

Healthy and commonly available ingredients...

2.  Instructions are simple to follow. And you can replay any part of the cooking video (or the entire video) at your own pace, own time!

Chef Eric demonstrating a yummy mushroom dish...

3.  No big, expensive kitchen tools or equipments needed to whip up these meals. Use whatever we have in our kitchen - sometimes back to basics is best!

Old school deep-frying with a chopstick and a pot of sunflower oil.

4.  Chefs share creative uses of ingredients and ideas for creative plating to enhance your dining experience at home.

Adding fruit beer gives the batter a zesty lift!
Use a cup to plate the tofu dish!

5. Food actually tastes yummy, even though it's cooked in no fuss, time-saving manner.  There's hope yet for us busy Moms. Yay!

 Succulent, Flavorful and Juicy!
Steamed Tofu with Seafood

The Experiment

We were so enamoured with one of Chef Eric's recipes that we decided to recreate it for our Sunday dinner. We purchased the ingredients from the nearest supermarket, got them ready and started cooking. For the fun of it, we've put together a video to demonstrate how '30 Minute Cookin' can enable every ordinary home cook to cook like a pro!

Turn up your volume and enjoy the video!

Wild Mushroom Fritters with Aioli Dip - So Delish!

For more cooking inspirations, log on to 30 Minute Cooking website. More recipes and tips will be uploaded regularly so do bookmark it and visit often.

Website URL -

Disclaimer: We attended the launch of 30 Minute Cookin' by Rolleyes and liked its concept.  No monetary compensation was received for this post. All opinions and photos are, as usual, ours.


Mother of Xander said...

30min only and can whip up something that good?? This I got to try!

Bryan Choo: said...

Oh yea 30 minute cooking just what Ive been looking for! Takes away the hassle and tiring hours slaving away in the kitchen.

nice video too :)

--andy-- said...

The food looks good, Chef Eric always look so approachable.

Even more amazing, David can really showoff more off his culinary skills on video :)

cheers, Andy

KennPaula Nicolas said...

I'm always a fan of YouTube whenever I'm cooking, that will change from now on. Thanks to 30 minute cooking, now I will have lesser but efficient time spent in the kitchen, and more time with my children. Thanks for sharing! :-)

workingwithgrace said...

Oh wow! I love your website! And your daughter's appearance in the video was really unexpected and such a lovely surprise! :D

Can't believe you guys actually bought Oki oil! :)

Phoebe Lau said...

Looks really simple and easy to prepare. I am not a good cook and this is really helpful especially if I need to prepare a meal after work!

Your daughter looks good on the video too! ^_^