Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Child's Play at the Far East Organization Children's Garden!

The award-winning Gardens by the Bay is one of our favorite gardens and we've brought many visitors there since its opening. As of today, families have one more good reason to head to the Gardens, with all new FEO Children's Garden (sponsored by Far East Organisation) which is now open to public six days a week. The FEO Children's Garden is specially commissioned for children to enjoy nature through outdoor sensory play.

The one-hectare (i.e. huge) FEO Children’s Garden consists of play elements that combine both nature and adventure. Kids can climb a 7.5 metre-tall tree house, splash around at interactive water tunnels and conquer a 130-meter long adventure trail. Sand pits and rubber bottomed play areas are built around more than 100 species of plants (including a baobab tree from Madagascar). I love the fact that it allows children a chance to climb trees, dodge hanging vines and swat away low-lying leaves and branches in a garden playground setting.  It's a super-duper awesome children's garden if you ask me and we're darn proud it's in Singapore!


Toddler Play Zone (Suitable for 1 to 5 years old)

The Toddler Play Zone consists of two areas - Toddler Play Equipment such as a sway bridge and stepping springs, and the Fish Fountain featuring an interactive landscape of water tunnels and fish sculptures where toddlers can clamber on the sculpted backs and dodge a series of water jets. 

  • Balancing Beam
  • Play Spring Seats
  • Sway Bridge
  • Seesaw
  • Toddler Swing and Hammock
  • Stepping Springs
  • Megaphone
  • Caterpillar Topiary Trellis 
  • Fish Fountain  

Adventure Trail (Suitable for 6 to 12 years old)

The Adventure Trail is a green ridge that runs alongside half the perimeter of the Children's Garden. Likened to a hiker's trail, it mimics the natural landform with dips and humps. Kids can enhance their motor skills by jumping, crossing, and manoeuvring these structures at the trail:

      • Sway Alley Bridge
      • Arch Net Tunnel
      • Monkey Bars
      • Grasshopper Spring Stepping Pad
      • Push Up Bars
      • Spider Net
      • Hill Climbing Ropes
      • 4-way Springer Seats
      • Hammocks
      • Revolving Disc
      • Balancing Beams
      • Tubular and Double Slides
      • Spinner Bowls 

      Rainforest Tree Houses (Suitable for 6 to 12 years old)

      This is where jungle adventure fantasies come to life! Built purposefully within a dense canopy of trees, the two tree houses are the major play attractions of the Children's Garden with heights reaching 4 metres and 7.5 metres respectively.

      • Elevated Platforms and Shelters
      • Timber Bridge
      • Rope Bridge
      • Metallic Frames Branches
      • Hanging Rope Baskets

      Water Play (Suitable for 6 to 12 years old)

      This Water Play area is a favourite for all children who loves frolicking about in the water. The water jets are linked to sensors which detect children's movement to create corresponding sequence of water effects.  Children can splash around to child-friendly tunes such as 'Hakuna Matata' and 'Circle of Life' from Disney classic, The Lion King.  We were told that in the evenings, the water play area will be lit up too (akin to the water fountain shows we are familiar with) - must be a sight to behold.

      • Vertical Water Splines modelled after Forest of 'Reeds'
      • Hydro Vault - Passage of arcing water jets
      • Orchid-shaped Splash Buckets
      • Synchronised Water Tunnels  


      The garden is open from 9am to 9pm and closed for maintenance on Mondays (or on Tuesdays if Monday is a Public Holiday). Admission is FREE! What we like is that there are friendly staff on duty at different spots to assist the children and manage crowd control.

      Other amenities include lockers, showers, a basic first aid station and a cafe. There is also a 300-seat amphitheater with covered canopy which overlooks the water play area. There are also child-friendly toilets and open shower facility for kids.  If you're driving, you may park at Visitor Centre Basement Car Park.  Enjoy free parking on weekdays (except on Public Holidays) between 12 to 2pm.

      We spent two hours at the FEO Children's Garden yesterday and in Dana's words, she still 'hasn't played enough'.  With beautiful lush landscaping and well-designed play structures, there's something in this 'playground in the garden' for everyone. I'm sure we will be visiting it again very soon, with more friends and family in tow. The FEO Children's Garden - it's Fun, it's Free, it's Fabulous and it's indisputably one of our Favorite children's playgounds now! We're so happy to add one more #FunforFreeSG attraction to the list. Visit it soon before word gets around!

      Far East Organization Children's Garden (Gardens by the Bay)
      18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953.
      Tel:+65 6420 6848.

      For more information, visit or Gardens by the Bay's Facebook Page.


      Disclaimer: We would like to thank Gardens By the Bay for inviting Dana to the launch of the FEO Children's Garden. All photos and opinion are ours. We look forward to many more fun playdates there! 


      L Lee said...

      This is truly beyond awesome!

      Can feel the fun and activity just through D's great photos.

      We should definitely arrange a playdate there. Kudos to the sponsors and managers for keeping such a wonderful facility free for all!

      mummybean said...

      Dana is such an awesome model! I have tonnes of pics of my kids backs cos they were running away from me to play! Haha. We have to go back again soon!

      --andy-- said...

      Agree with you that 2 hours is never enough, and more fri3nds = more FUN :)

      Cheers, Andy

      p2me1a said...

      yes, we simply must have a playdate gathering there! Then again, the whole of Singapore may be there too!

      Adora Tan said...

      I was there this morning with the baby and did not read up on it before so was very pleasantly surprised at everything I saw. It was amazing! Loved it, loved it all!

      And David's photos! Amazing as always.

      Madeline Heng said...

      Wanted to check it out in December but it wasn't opened yet! Will check it out before I go back to work!! Haha