Monday, July 9, 2012

Motivational Monday: In love with Fireworks

Photo Credit: Kenny Teo
Last Saturday evening, Daddy brought Dana and I out for a spin and we ended up at One Fullerton for dinner. The food was appetizing but the real bonus was that it being the last few Saturdays leading up to our Nations' 47th Birthday, there was NDP rehearsals going on at the nearby Marina Bay Floating Platform. We were excited to be treated to a visual feast right where we dined! At exactly 8pm, after the National Enthem, the sky was set ablaze with fireworks, tons and tons of them! I was mesmerized; I watched with bated breath as spits and sparkles of golden, crimson, scarlet, saffron, silver, copper, mauve, amethyst, emerald and azure balls propel up into the pitch dark sky then blossom into a thousand showers of blessings...simple enchanting!

No matter how many times I watch fireworks, I'll never tire of them; which explains the many long hours Daddy and I were willing to 'camp' at the Marina Bayfront (along with throngs of Singaporeans and tourists who fail to get a ticket to watch the parade) on National Days just to catch a glimpse of it. Watching it with Dana adds that ounce of fuzzy warmth....I hugged her as both of us gazed transfixed; watching with delight and fascination and the occasional squeals of 'wow!' as the magic unfolds before our eyes. When the fireworks display draws to an end, my heart is once again swelled up with a renewed hope and inspiration to face another possibly hectic and mundane week ahead. 

As a tribute to our upcoming National Day, I'll like to share this awesome timelapse video featuring NDP Fireworks (by Repro) with the readers. The first half of this video is a compilation of their best day and night timelapses showcasing the different parts of Singapore. It is a lead-up to the second half of this video, an annual Singapore tradition: fireworks during the National Day Parade! Great stuff, I promise. Do watch it and may it'll inspire you to a fantastic week ahead!

Credits: Repro: Lionel, Nawaz, Nicholas, Siyuan.  Music: "Comforting Sounds" (live) by Mew.

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Susan said...

National Day is especially significant for us because Sophie is a National Day baby :) So we like to bring her to the Esplanade area to catch the fireworks and tell her that the whole nation is celebrating her birthday for her with fireworks. When she's older, we're planning to stay at the hotels nearby to watch the fireworks.

Dana Mommy and Daddy said...

Dear Susan, how special it is for Sophie to share the same birthday as Singapore! She'll get fireworks and a day off each year to celebrate her birthday, making the day all the more memorable!

Our family loves National Day Staycations too and have stayed in Ritz Carlton twice just to soak in the patriotic mood. Highly recommend it! Do check out my FB album for some photos here: :)

Madeline Heng said...

I love fireworks but not the hubby :( so I have no choice but to see it from my house.. Sigh

Dana Mommy and Daddy said...

Dear Madeline

I have friends who are adverse to crowds and prefer to view fireworks in the comforts of their home! Also a good time to host family gatherings and watch fireworks together! :)

lilsnooze said...

I love NDP fireworks too and staycation has been our way to catch them since the children came into our lives. It was easier to stake out when it's just the 2 of us!

This will be the first year we are missing out as we are overseas....but we did catch 4 July fireworks!